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Beautiful Booth of the Month

August 2003 Beautiful Booth of the Month Award:

Ritta Dreier &
Rockey Sigloh

Ritta's Burritos

Ritta and daughter Carrie, ready to take your order!

The brand new Park Blocks home of Ritta's Burritos is gorgeous! It's obvious that lots of planning has gone into this new portable restaurant. The interior has been completely re-arranged to make most efficient use of the available space. The exterior is also new and neat, with a pick-up window on the side.

Ritta's Burritos have been a Eugene favorite since 1978, way back when the Market was over across the street on the Butterfly Parking Lot. I can't even imagine how many of their classic, gigantic burritos have rolled over the counter since then! We'll cut the words short this time and let you get on to looking at all the photos. While looking, just keep imagining how good it will be when you grab a burrito in person some Saturday soon and dig in...

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