October 2005 Beautiful Booth of the Month Award:

Shane Schaeffer
Extreme Metals

Meet Shane Schaeffer, extraordinary maker of extraordinary metal art.His choice for booth structure? An extraordinary handcrafted booth made from his favorite medium, recycled steel. The booth is customized for his needs, including wheels for portability, and adjustable shelves for his wide variety of sculptures. Colored drapes around the back provide a solid backdrop. There's plenty of floor space to step in and marvel at all the creatures everywhere, even overhead.

Shane is a Eugene native who got interested in using steel as a sculputure material while taking steel fabrication classes at Lane Community College. His works portray animals, plenty of Halloween creatures like spiders and bats are currently populating the booth. Shane is best known for his exuberant frogs; engaging in sword-play, singing, dancing, chasing dragonflies, lounging... Doing all the things we do, but with wild abandon. All of the steel he uses is recycled, and he can tell you exactly what every sculputure was in its previous incarnation.

You can find Shane and his booth in space 6, along 8th Street on the Fountain block, stop by and adopt a frog!

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