Food Booths in the International Food Court

Saturday Market’s famous International Food Court is an outdoor restaurant featuring fifteen food booths representing cuisines from around the world. Each chef/owner prepares food fresh on-site, and many source their ingredients from Lane County Farmers Market farmers.
Afghani Cuisine
Afghani Cuisine – Afghani shishkabob, quabili pilaf, bolani
Blazing Chef
Blazing Chef – Fish & chips, fish sandwiches, salads and root beer
Edible Improv
Edible Improv – Sweet and savory crepes, cookies, espresso
The Lemonade Gourmet
Lemonade Gourmet – Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade
Masala-Channa masala, tahana, vegetable korma, chicken curry, fresh naan, chai tea. Many menu items are gluten free.
Nice Rice
Nice Rice – Veggie and chicken stir fried rice dishes, teryaki chicken sandwiches, fresh orange juice