Food Booths in the
International Food Court

Saturday Market’s famous International Food Court is an outdoor restaurant featuring fifteen food booths that represent cuisines from around the world. Each booth prepares food fresh on-site, and many source their ingredients locally from Lane County Farmers Market farmers. More details about current offerings is available upon request.
Afghani Cuisine
Afghani Cuisine – Afghani shishkabob, quabili pilaf, bolani
Blazing Chef
Blazing Chef – Fish & chips, fish sandwiches, salads, fried veggies, and root beer
Edible Improv
Edible Improv – Sweet and savory crepes, cookies, espresso, tea
Tia Maria Pizzeria – Cheese, Pepperoni, Mushroom, or Olive Pizza in addition to Pizza with seasonal toppings and Italian desserts
The Whole Enchilada – Cheese or chicken enchiladas, nachos, Mexican fried rice and beans