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Weather Notice

The Saturday Market’s practice is that if you come down and sell, but later begin to suffer ill-effects from the heat and staying would compromise your health, you are permitted to pack up and leave early. Please inform your neighbors and the staff at the information booth of your need to leave and minimize disruption to Market as you make your way out. We understand that the threshold for heat intolerance isn’t the same for everyone. As a business owner, it is your right and responsibility to protect yourself and your employees from harm.

Other Markets and Fairs

Sources for Fireproof Tarps, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Proofing, 8×8 Pop Ups

Creative Awnings & Shelters (tarps & booth frames) 

1792 42nd St, Springfield, Oregon 

(541) 988-1099

National Fire Fighter Corp (fire ext. & fire proofing) 

3500 Commercial Ave Springfield, Oregon 

(541) 485-3566

Omlid and Swinney (fire extinguisher service and sales) 

610 30th St, Springfield, OR 97478 

(800) 503-1775

A-1 Fire Protection (fire extinguisher service and sales) 

3773 Main St, Springfield, OR 97478 

(541) 726-7287

Andy & Bax (8×8 pop ups) 

324 SE Grand Ave Portland 

(503) 234-7538

Hut Shop (8×8 pop ups), online, free shipping

REI (8×8 pop ups) order online

Build your own classic wooden booth,  click to download plans

Artisan Relief Fund

The Kareng Fund for Oregon artisans facing a career threatening crisis