Saturday Market Membership Applications

We have been providing a space for makers to sell their wares to the public for more than 50 years.
If you make what you sell, then you can sell with us.

We have answers to your questions on our FAQ page and on our Helpful Member Links page.
New Member Orientations and Prescreens are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 3:30pm
at the Saturday Market office. The address is 30 E. Broadway Suite 124 in downtown Eugene.
Please wear a mask and do not bring anyone with you to the New Member Orientation.


Renew your membership

Fill out the renewal application to update your information. This form is for reserve and non-reserve space members plus a section to use the Wish List to reserve a space.

Remember to make your membership payment after you have submitted your renewal application. 

start your membership

This is the application for those that are ready to join the Market or are returning after a break of 2 years or more. All new members must attend a New Member Orientation and Product Screening.

Your membership payment is due AFTER you have attended the orientation and are approved to sell with us.

Holiday Market Applications and Information

booth holder of record
     -reserve member renewal

Reclaim or Change your Holiday Market Space

The deadline is July 23, 2022

non-reserve members

Apply for a booth space if you are a current Saturday Market member without a reserve space. Folks with over 20 HM points should apply by July 23rd, 2022

new holiday market members

Apply for booth space if you are a prospective Saturday Market member, and would like to sell at Holiday Market.