Food Booths in the International Food Court

Saturday Market's famous International Food Court is an outdoor restaurant featuring food booths representing cuisines from around the world. Each chef/owner prepares food fresh on-site, and many source their ingredients from the Lane County Farmers Market. Some of our food court members are not selling during the pandemic, but they will come back as soon as they can. Seating will come back to the Food Court later this summer.

Saturday Market has been certified by BRING! again in 2018. We are proud to be a rethink Business, helping make the City of Eugene a greener, more sustainable place to work and play. Learn how you can become a leader by going to

Afghani Cuisine combo plate

Afghani Cuisine

Afghani shishkabob, quabili pilaf, bolani
Afghani Cuisine Facebook Page

Bangkok Grill pad thai

Bangkok Grill

Pad Thai, pork on a stick, salad rolls, thai ice tea
Bangkok Grill's Facebook Page

Fish and Chips from Blazing Chef

The Blazing Chef

Fish & chips, fish sandwiches, salads and root beer

Dana's Cheesecake slices

Dana's Cheesecake Bakery

Baked goods, cheesecakes, coffee, teas and fruit drinks
Dana's Facebook Page

Edible Improv crepes

Edible Improv

Sweet and savory crepes, cookies, espresso

Irie Jerk Chicken Plate

Irie Jamaican Kitchen

Jerk chicken, sweet fried plantains, callaloo and ackee, and sorrel drinks.
Irie's Facebook Page

The Lemonade Gourmet lemonade

The Lemonade Gourmet

Lemonade drinks

Lulu's Smoothies berry smoothie

Lulu's Smoothies

All natural fresh fruit smoothie and cooler, matcha green tea smoothies, mochaccinos
Lulu's Facebook Page

Masala - channa masala


Channa masala, tahana, vegetable korma, chicken curry, fresh naan, chai tea. Many menu items are gluten free.

Nice Rice teriyaki chicken plate

Nice Rice

Veggie and chicken stir fried rice dishes, teryaki chicken sandwiches, fresh orange juice

Renaissance Pizza olive pizza

Renaissance Pizza

Handmade pizza, pesto Caesar salad, cranberry drinks, breakfast pizza and seasonal monthly specials
Renaissance Pizza's Facebook Page

Ritta's Burritos queso melt special

Ritta's Burritos

Made to order, generously filled burritos. Featuring monthly specials!
Ritta's Facebook Page

Sara's Gourmet Tamales plate

Sara's Gourmet Tamales

Chicken & vegetarian tamales, fresh fruit salad in season

Saritza's Mexican Food Taco Salad

Saritza's Mexican Food

Wet burritos, beef & chicken tacos, taco salad, quesadillas. Kid size quesadillas and burritos too!
Saritza's Facebook Page

The Whole Enchilada chicken enchilada plate

The Whole Enchilada

Enchiladas, rice and beans, nachos, cold drinks