On the Market Stage

The Market Stage sits at the south end of the Food Court. Though it's outdoors, we use it rain or shine! There is a generous canopy over the stage and another over the audience, and seating is provided. There's also room for dancing, which is always encouraged! There is a family friendly set each Saturday at 10:00 AM, and a longer set of dance music at 2:00PM. The rest of it is all variety all the time - local and regional musicians and community groups bring their folk, blues, rock, jazz, Brazilian, African, choral, Balkan, and/or classical music and things between and beyond for your entertainment.

July 13, 2019
10am Randal Larson  (Island Accents - Steel Drum Music)
11am Gordon Kaswell  (Acoustic Variety)
12pm Captain Lovett  (Acoustic/Electric Hybrid Music)
1pm Plum Lucky  (Spicy & Upbeat Alt. Country)
2pm Darlene Jackson and My Band  (Blues, Soul, Variety)
4pm Jimmy Haggard Band  (Hot Rockin Blues)
July 20, 2019 - VAUDVILLE DAY!
10am Caveman Dave  (Original Family Friendly Folk)
11am Brian Cutean  (Folkadelic alt-Roma Hoopla Bebop)
11:45am Invincible Vince  (Seriously Funny Magic!) - Vaudeville!
12pm Jill Cohen  (Soulful Singer/Songwriter)
12:45pm Vaughn Avery   (Mime & Clown) - Vaudeville!
1pm Wildflowers   (Bluegrass)
1:45pm Riel Green  (Orbs, Balls, Juggling) - Vaudeville!
2pm Cap'n Trips  (Playing Bob Dylan)
3:30pm The Mad Juggler (Juggler) - Vaudeville!
4pm Anya Lecuyer & Friends  (Rock - R&B - Soul)

If you're a musician or band looking to get booked for the Saturday Market Stage, please send a link to your website (or Reverb Nation or Band Camp or Soundcloud or YouTube or Facebook or whatever kind of music page) so we can hear you perform.

We'll go forward from there!

Booking Contact: Jimmy Haggard

Interested in street performing/busking at Market? Here are our Busker/Street Perfomer Guidelines.