Selling at Saturday Market FAQ

Can I sell my products at Saturday Market?

At Saturday Market, the maker is the seller. If you handcraft your items, you will probably be able to sell them. The general craft guidelines are:

    1. Items must be handmade, or grown or gathered by the market member or a member of their immediate family living in Oregon.

    2. The member contribution to a finished product must outweigh the contribution of any commercial components used in the making of that product. Skills in craftsmanship, as well as creative abilities, ingenuity and design skills are examples of member contribution.

    3. The product must meet basic expectations of product life, function and safety.

Before you invest time and money in making a product, please check the guidelines for specific craft areas which are published in the  Standards & Craft Specific Guidelines to be sure your product is acceptable. There are very specific guidelines for packaged food items, and for getting them approved, they can be found on page 5 of the Guidelines document.

All products must be screened and approved by the Standards Committee. New Member Orientations and Product Screenings take place at the Market office on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 3:15 p.m. by appointment only. You must present actual items, photographs of your work are not acceptable. If you are a prospective member, you must attend an orientation in person before having your products screened. Please wear a mask and do not bring anyone with you to the New Member Orientation and Prescreen.

What does it cost?

There is an Annual Membership fee of $60, which gives you membership from April through the following March. For each Saturday that you sell, an 8×8 Booth space is $15+10% of your sales for the day, a 4×4 Booth Space is $8+10%, and Strolling Vendors pay $5+10%. Booth fees are paid at the Info booth at the end of each Market day. Holiday Market has a separate fixed fee schedule. See the  Holiday Market Application available in the summer for specifics.

How do I get a booth space?

Each Saturday morning, available booth spaces are chosen by Market members in point priority order. You earn a point each time you sell, so the first time you sell you have 0 points and are at the end of the list. You’ll move up in priority each time you sell. All members wishing to sell check in at the info booth by 8:15 AM, so we know who is waiting for a space. Space allocation starts at 8:30. When you hear your name called, step up to the counter at the Info booth, and Info Booth staff will help you choose a space from those available. A much more detailed description of the process, and a Park Blocks space map are both available in the pdf document  Welcome To Market.

Though we do our best to squeeze everybody in, sometimes booth spaces fill up before we get to all of the folks who want to sell. If you are unable to get a space, we will give you a point for your efforts in showing up and waiting, and you may be able to get a space the next time you come. Last season 4’x4′ spaces were always available, and 8’x8′ spaces were frequently available to our newest members.

Can I reserve a space?

There are no provisions for any spaces larger than 8’x8′ on the Park Blocks. If your structure is a 10’x10′, it just won’t work. Each member can only rent one space each week. We do sometimes rent double 4’x4′ spaces if there are enough available. There is no place for selling from vehicles at the Market.

Do I have to have a booth structure?

No, you do not have to have a booth structure, but the weather is changeable here in Eugene, so if your product is water soluble or easily damaged by weather, better plan ahead. There are plans for the classic wooden Market booth in PDF form  at this link on the  Applications page. Pop-Up tents, Market umbrellas and metal frame booths are also popular at Market. You can sometimes find used booths for sale in our weekly Market newsletter Unclassified section, which you can find on the  Member Newsletter page. A list of possible sources for 8’x8′ booths can be found on the  Handy Links page.

If you set up a booth structure at Market you must have a fire extinguisher easily accessible and with an inspection tag dated within the last 12 months. The fire extinguisher must be a 2A10BC or bigger (those little ones don’t count). All your roof and side coverings must be fire retardant and there must either be a label on the fabric or plastic or you must have some kind of documentation with you to prove that it is fire retardant. Table coverings and wares do not have to be fire retardant. The Saturday Market is subject to unannounced inspections by the Eugene Fire Marshal.

Booth weights are required for pop-up style booths and umbrellas, and are strongly suggested for wood or metal pole frame booths. A minumum of 25 lb. per booth leg is required for 8’x8′ booths, water in plastic containers is not allowed. Please read the  Booth and Umbrella Weight Requirements for detailed information on this requirement. Canvas bag weights are available through the Market office or at the Info Booth for $10 each.

Do you rent booths or tables?

The Saturday Market doesn’t have storage capacity for booths or tables to rent. You must provide everything you need for selling, including chairs. The red folding chairs in the Food Court are reserved for use by customers.

How often do I have to sell?

There is no attendance requirement for non-reserved crafts vendors.

Can I share a booth space?

You can share your space, or share with a member who has a space. You both need to check in at the Info Booth so that we know you are selling and where, and so that you can each get your point. If you are selling with someone who is a family member, or who is a partner in making your craft, you do not each have to have a Membership. If you are sharing with someone who makes a different product than you and is not related, you each need to have a membership and check in.

Do I have to get my items juried?

There is no “Jury” at Saturday Market. Before you are allowed to sell, your products must be approved by the  Standards Committee – they screen your wares to make sure that they are handcrafted according to Market guidelines and that you are the maker of your wares. This is only to ensure that Saturday Market remains a handcrafted marketplace. They are not judging the relative value or artistic merits of your work. Screenings take place at the Market office on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 3:30 p.m., March through early November. You must present actual items, photographs of your work are not acceptable. The  New Product Screening Form needs to be presented with your items, you can download it and fill it out in advance if you prefer, or fill it out in the office.

Where do I park?

There’s just not enough parking space curbside at the Park Blocks to serve everyone’s needs. Because customers are the Market’s first priority during selling hours, close in parking is reserved for them. Between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. your vehicle will have to be parked elsewhere. You can buy a parking permit for nearby surface lots. Free parking is also available in the nearby “Parcade” and “Overpark” buildings. Please park away from park-side while you wait to get your booth, then pull it closer to load in. Load in completely and move your vehicle before you start set up so that others can use that space. At the end of the day, pack your booth up before you get your vehicle to shorten the time that it is parked in the limited streetside areas.

Can I open a food booth?

Currently there are no openings for new food booths in the International Food Court. When an opening occurs, we advertise the opening in local papers, and then the Standards committee starts the process of choosing a new food booth. You are allowed to sell packaged food items from a regular booth space, see page 5 of the  Standards & Craft Specific Guidelines for the Market’s special requirements and approval process.

How many people come to Market?

It’s impossible to know exactly, because we do not charge admission, or have a single entry point, but we estimate a weekly crowd of 4,000 to 8,000 on an average Saturday when we are open as a full market.

Are there other Market events I can sell at?

Your membership allows you to sell at other Market events during the year. These events include Tuesday Farmers’ Markets (May – October) and Holiday Market (Mid-November – Christmas). Each of these events have their own separate fees, applications, deadlines and booth allocations, space may not be available to newer members at some events. Holiday Market information is automatically sent to current members in mid July, information about other Market events is available through the Market office.

How can I get a space at Holiday Market?

If you become a Market member before July, we will automatically send an application postcard/notification to your mailing address in our records in early July. After July, contact us and we will send you one, or you can apply online from the  Applications page. As with other Market events, spaces are allocated in point order. Please note,  Holiday Market priority points are calculated differently than Park Blocks points.  Spaces are sold in weekend blocks, rather than by the day, and fees are fixed, rather than a percentage. See the application for specifics.

What about selling at the Lane County Farmers’ Market?

Lane County Farmers’ Market is a separate organization, and the place to buy and sell produce, flowers, plant starts and processed foods (though these items are allowed at Saturday Market as well). Their Market takes place right across 8th Street from the Market on Saturdays (April – November), and on the Park Blocks on Tuesdays (May – October). Market members can sell at the Tuesday Market under their Saturday Market membership, contact us for specifics. For more information about Farmers’ Market membership, contact them at 541-431-4923, email at or visit

Aren’t you the same organization as the Oregon Country Fair?

Saturday Market and Oregon Country Fair are actually separate organizations, although many folks are involved in both events. You can check out the Fair’s website at for more information.