About Saturday Market Standards

The Standards Committee

Candice Westberg and Willy Gibboney are the current co-chairs of Saturday Market’s Standards Committee. This all volunteer committee is responsible for assuring compliance with Saturday Market’s core value that the Maker is the Seller. We are not a craft jury. Instead, we only assure that your craft meets the three basic standards and any craft specific guidelines, as specified in the  Market Standards & Craft Specific Guidelines document. The basic standards are:

1. Items must be handmade, or grown or gathered by the Market member, or a member of their immediate family living in Oregon.

2. The member contribution to a finished product must outweigh the contribution of any commercial components used in the making of that product. Skills in craftsmanship, as well as creative abilities, ingenuity and design skills are examples of member contribution.

3. The product must meet basic expectations of product life, function and safety.

The Committee meets the third Wednesday of each month after product screening at the Market office. We do new product screenings twice monthly on the first and third Wednesdays, March – November.  The first screening date of the year will be March 1st, 2023. All screening dates can be found on the  Committee Meeting and Event Calendar.

There is a New Member Orientation at 3:15 PM, right before the Product Screening. You must call us at 541-686-8885 or email us at  info@eugenesaturdaymarket.org to make an appointment to attend an orientation and screening. You must attend an orientation session before having your products screened. The  New Product Screening Form needs to be presented with your items, you can download it and fill it out in advance if you prefer, or fill it out in the office.

Market’s Board of Directors reviews all proposals and decisions of the Committee for final approval.

In addition to product screening, this Committee is charged with formulating the guidelines that define handcrafted. Each year we review the guidelines and sometimes rewrite them in order to more precisely convey the Market’s intent. Our guidelines use what might seem to be clear words, yet when we try to implement these guidelines we find that their meaning is far from clear or fail to allow reasonable uses of artistic accents. This is an ongoing project.

We continue to deal with other issues as they present themselves in the ongoing functions of this committee. Member input is always welcome by the Standards Committee, either on the above issues or any other concern any member may have. We serve on a voluntary basis, and are always open to interested Market members.

Committee membership is open to any active Market member. Voting rights are granted at the third consecutive meeting attended. All committee meetings are open to anyone and you are very welcome to attend.

Standards Committee Approved Minutes

*Minutes are approved by the Standards Committee at their next meeting, then by the Board at the meeting following, hence the delay in posting.

2020 Standards Committee Minutes